Creative Copywriting

For over a decade my job has been to take what a client tells me about their business and mould it into a piece of communication that is relatable to a specific audience… and I’ve loved every minute of it! Be it a one off piece, or an integrated advertising campaign I can create almost anything your business needs – radio commercials, press ads, newsletters, web stories, direct mail and sales collateral… even TV scripts.

If you would like to see samples of my work please fill out the contact form, tell me what type of communication you are looking for and I will send you samples of my work that are specific to your particular need.


How much will it cost?

As I believe that each job is different I don’t charge a set hourly rate, instead I prefer to quote per job. This allows me to tailor a package that suits the type of job you require and your budget. Each package comes with an allocated amount of revisions, which provides you with the total cost and eliminates any nasty surprises.


How long will it take?

Once we’ve worked out the scope of the job, then we work out a turnaround time. Quick turnarounds are my specialty, but I’m also always realistic. If I think a job needs more time I’ll be upfront about it from the start. There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to deliver a job after the deadline has passed.


What is the process?

Initially we need to put together a creative brief that defines the audience for the piece and the basic message that needs to be delivered. This is something we do together either over the phone or on email. It’s not difficult to do it just requires some honest answers to some simple questions. After the creative brief is completed I start on the copy and send you the first draft version. From here we work together to finalise the communication piece.

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